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Disposable tubular stapler
Disposable anesthesia puncture kit
Disposable burette infusion set
Medical sponge



Medical sponge

Detail data
1.Medical porous polyvinyl alcohol sponge.
2.Medical porous composite polyvinyl alcohol sponge.

1. Medical sponge series are a new type of surgical dressings that can replace absorbent cotton and absorbent gauze in modern surgical operations, featuring rapid blood absorption, anti-adhesion, promoting wound healing, anti-inflammatory and sterilization, and drug loading.
2. With super water absorption, unique softness and plasticity, it brings comfort to patients.
3.Using advanced technology, the surface is very smooth, no new trauma to the wound surface when removed.




Disposable medical transparent adhesive film

Detail data
1.polyurethane film: unique molecular structure, adhesion hydrophilic group can permeable moisture. It is antibacterial, dustproof, waterproof and moisture - permeable. 
2.acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive: imported special medical pressure sensitive adhesive, FDA filing, safe and reliable, no toxicity, no stimulation, low sensitization, with good adhesion, initial viscosity and moisture permeability, and low peel strength, reduce the pain caused by stripping patients.

1. Antibacterial, dustproof, waterproof and moisture permeable
2. The film stretches smoothly without wrinkles, and can be seen at the wound site.
3. accurate paste on the wound, its reasonable structure and adhesion with the polyurethane film can ensure the transparent film to remove the adhesive layer when the polyurethane film does not fall off from the lining layer, paste the skin can easily remove the lining layer and will not take the polyurethane film from the skin.




Disposable medical flushing system

Detail data
It is suitable for cleaning the wound surface and soft tissue in orthopedic trauma surgery.

1. Quickly and effectively remove necrotic tissue, bacteria and foreign bodies.
2. Avoid bacteria from wound infection, reduce the probability of wound infection, and effectively promote wound healing.
3. Enhance the permeability of bone cement and bone.
4. reduce the amount of antibiotics, reduce the cost of medicine.
1. Quickly and effectively remove necrotic tissue, bacteria and foreign bodies.
5. Reduce secondary damage to surrounding normal tissues.
6. Reduce the risk of fat embolism.
7. Reduce the incidence of postoperative adhesion.




Cell biology reagent

Detail data
Cell biology reagent for embryo biopsy

Products include: sperm freezing solution, sperm thawing solution, embryo freezing solution, external sperm of rats and external sperm of mice.