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Disposable tubular stapler
Disposable anesthesia puncture kit
Disposable burette infusion set
Medical sponge



Disposable Tubular Stapler

Detail data
It is suitable for end, end and side anastomosis of the digestive tract in the reconstruction of the digestive tract such as esophagus, stomach and intestine.

1.Complete specifications, suitable for the anastomosis of different tissues of the digestive tract.
2.The stomach tube fixing hole of the nail seat facilitates the introduction of the stomach tube.
3.The flat and smooth anvil design can be easily placed into the lumen, and the instrument is more convenient to exit, and the tissue damage to the anastomosis is small.
4.One-time use to avoid iatrogenic cross-infection.




Single Use Cutting Stapler And Cutting Assembly

Detail data
Mainly used for the creation of anastomotic stoma and closure of stump or incision in digestive tract reconstruction and organ resection.

1.Ensure effective cutting and hemostasis.
2.Blade and staple cartridge integration design.
3.Easy for various surgical procedures.
4.Convenient and affordable
5.One-time use to avoid iatrogenic cross-infection.




Disposable Puncture Device

Detail data
Suitable for clinical laparoscopic surgery to establish surgical access.

1.Puncture cone with new materials to avoid abdominal wall tissue and abdominal organs during puncture.
2.With internal sealing device to ensure abdominal passage tightness.
3.Provides strong abdominal wall fixation for increased surgical safety.
4.No need to change the conversion cap extra, it is more convenient and safe.
5.One-time use to avoid iatrogenic cross-infection.




Disposable Intracavitary Cutting Stapler

Detail data
Applicable to the reconstruction of the digestive tract during minimally invasive surgery and the creation of anastomosis and closure of the stump or incision.

1.Ensure good nailing and hemostasis.
2.Ergonomically designed to improve grip and increase surgical safety.
3.Empty nail cartridge protection device, the unloaded cartridge device can not close the firing, reducing the possibility of medical accidents.
4.Easy to replace the staple cartridge, saving operation time.
5.One-time use to avoid iatrogenic cross-infection.