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Disposable tubular stapler
Disposable anesthesia puncture kit
Disposable burette infusion set
Medical sponge



Disposable anesthesia puncture kit

Detail data
Used for anesthesia puncture in clinical operation.

1.The catheter is made of PEBAX thermoplastic elastomer,It has good biocompatibility.
2.A clear and standard dividing line facilitates the medical staff to grasp the puncture scale.
3.The catheter ends are dispersed in multiple Spaces to facilitate the uniform diffusion of the liquid.
4.Moderate hardness, good toughness and tensile strength.




Disposable anesthesia loop filter

Detail data
Used in patients with anesthesia and respiratory circuits.

1.This product is consumable for use with anesthesia machine and artificial respiration apparatus.
2. It is mainly used for filtering virus in anesthesia gas and anesthesia patient.
3. Avoid cross-infection of the anesthetic ventilator and the patient's lung infection.
4. Adjust and maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity of the incoming gas.




Anaesthetic mask

Detail data
Consumables for anesthesia and intensive care.

1. Facilitate observation of vomit in the mask, and the patient's natural breathing.
2. Mainly made of medical polymer materials, no skin sensitization.
3. The contour fits the face of the patient, providing a good sealing effect.
4. Masks are disposable, reducing the risk of cross-infection.




Disposable general anesthesia exhaust gas purifier

Detail data
Used for purifying the exhaust gas of anesthesia machine.

1.It consists of air inlet, upper and lower cover, upper and lower filter net,filter paper and activated carbon.
2.Effectively reduce the content of anesthesia exhaust gas in the operating room.
3.Activated carbon capacity not less than 50%,The moisture content should not be more than 10%.
4.Reduce the influence of anesthetic waste gas on medical staff, and benefit the environment.